Good Bye Dr. M - Your Time is up

Whether  we like it or not  one thing is  sure.  Mahadhir   is not  going to be  around  for  too long.  He  is  facing  a real  big  dilemma.  I call it  ‘Mahathir  Dilemma’.    I  am sure  that spiritually he is now  in deep pain  even though  from the outside  he looks  well.   Well this guy  is very good  at pretending !  He  is certainly   one of the biggest  hypocrite   ever   exist.     Remember  his  recent crocodile tears ? Why  do I say he  is  in big  trauma  ?    Because of the following  four facts :

1.  Time  is   not  on his  side.  He  is getting  older not younger.  He knew  this.  He  could be  caught with  stroke  or  dead  any  time  in the next  few  months or years. A year ago this  sick  guy tries  to be  a hero by  provocation  a  death  threat  which he himself  proclaim.   Well the fact is  Anwar   is  seen  as  the people  hero !

2.  The  younger  generation   and  professional  already  seen  him  as  an old  dictator  who is so  desperate  to cling  to power to  protect  his interest.   This  perhaps  is his  biggest  dilemma.   All this while he is trying  to portray  himself  as  a great  leader, third world  leader and so many  high  pitch  scrap.   But  suddenly   due  to  his  brutal  act to Anwar  his  image  is  tarnish.  I don’t feel sorry  for him  cause  he deserve  it. He  has  no  sincerity  in all his act.  He do things  to ‘show  off’ not  as  ‘ibadah’.  So  I believe  he is now  being punish  by God.  It’s like  he  do things for  glamour  and  now  the  glamorous turn  on  his back.  Knowing the younger generation  will lead  the country  in the  future  now he  tried so hard to clean  his image.   I guess it  is too   late  now !

3.   Malaysia does  not  have  eligible  leader to replace   him  within UMNO.  UMNO  lacks  of   charismatic  leader with  the expulsion of
Anwar. Suppose  Mahadhir  suddenly  died  who  can replace  him ?   He  knew  that in UMNO  all current  leaders  are  merely  parrot  and  without  balls like Anwar.  Nobody  in UMNO  now  has  the  leadership capability  to lead Malaysia  in the next  Millenium.  This  weaknesses   is a  great advantage   for   Barisan Alternative.

4.    He  has  trouble identifying  who is  the  culprit  within UMNO.  He knew  that  many UMNO  grass root  members  will   vote  for  opposition in the  next  election.  This  could  lead  to   a  jumping  scenario  when election is  nearby.   He  just  cannot    discard this  possibility.  UMNO now  is  on the brink.    half of its branches are not  functioning. 200 K new memebers joins PAS, whike another 400K joins keadilan.

So  Dr M – Your  time is up.    You can plan  but God  also has his own plan.  I  predict  that  history  will recognize  you as   ‘The Last  Asian Dictator’.       I  am  just  hoping  that  I would still be around  during that time.  I  certainly  would  not  want  to miss the  celebration !