UMNO:Putera Merdeka 99
 October 31, 1999 at MPSP field , Butterworth , Penang.
 Artist : Juliana Banos , she's the only I can notice that night.

       Mass gathering by Pemuda UMNO was held. Flags were put up along the  stretch from Seberang Jaya roundabout to Butterworth area( at the junction  of Jln Bagan). Bus as far Johor , Terangganu, Kelantan, Melaka, Pahang  etc. Pemuda all over Peninsular came down to Butterworth to celebrate 50th  anniversary of Pemuda UMNO (Mlm Putera Merdeka 99).

       WOW!!!  20,000 people turned up. Even a BA ceramah can easily gather  10,000 to 20,000 without having to put banners or flags as as 3 km from  the site. Pemuda wore inner white shirt, with blue sleeveless jacket which   carry their division name. I saw wife of Hishamuddin,  better than Juliana  Banos's blonde hair. What a shame to see wife of future leader in blonde  hair. I hardly see Wanita  wearing a veil/Purdah that cover every single  hair. The best is that they(Wanita) put up scarf that follow/resembles  Wanita Chief fashion Then the arrival of Koh Tsu Khoon, The Hishamuddin  'Pondan'  Hussein Onn and Pak Lah arrive at 9pm. Pemuda has been lining up at the field and on the street . They were  dancing, waving UMNO flags and singing 'Barisan Kita' from 8pm. In BA  ceramahs, 8pm is preparation to perform solah and not singing, dancing  time or waving party flags .

       Then I met a friend from UMNO Johor.  What a good deed to meet him.  Come all the way down from Johor. Everything paid, plus RM30 pocket money.  Asking him the chance of UMNO in Johor. As we all know , Johor is a strong  UMNO base. UMNO Johor is confident of a clean sweep of 40 ADUN and 20  Paliament, if I'm no mistaken with number of seats. We'll wait and see and  results.

       'Pondan' has a problem. He has scandal with a well-known artist in a  floating boating offshore Malaysia. Pemuda UMNO are aware of that. Every  Pemuda welcome him "Hidup Datuk". Probably to pray for him to live longer  as they know that Pondan won't live longer with UMNO.  Then Najib can't  redeem himself as an example of UMNO leader. He takes care of Kementerian  Pendidikan. Somehow teachers openly against UMNO.  Does PM like to see  this??? Surely NO.

       When will the GE be !!! Q's that everybody keeps on guessing.  Starting from next February, UMNO will start their 'internal election'  from root level till next June for MT election. The Q's is , does PM want  to have it next year. It seems impossible. UMNO themselves will be busy  campaigning for their own sake. Will it be this November ??

       UMNO really fish vote through money. They provide money to woo  voters to go back to hometown. A small UMNO branch in bugetted of RM  10,000 for that . Just imagine , how much they spend to all branches for  only that purpose. Voter can claim money if they go back to their hometown  to vote. Wow... marvelous.

       Hishamuddin speech. Nothing to be proud.  During his speech, UMNO  supporters walk around, go to nearby KFC to have dinner etc. No respect at  all. I saw some young UMNO members. They are school leavers, above 18 yrs  old(qualify to be a member). Probably they are so eager to be in  Butterworth as it is their first trip to Penang.

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