Write your view !-Murad  

Dear Justice Lover,

What is your opinion about Abdul Murad Khalid ?
Marah belakang-belakang tak mungkin beliau mendengarnya.
1.    Why not write direct to him & post it to him
            Abdul Murad Khalid
            104, Jalan Setiabakti 9
            Bukit Damasara
            50490 KL
Tell him his father who just passed away recently will be very upset with his SON!
Tell him all bank Negara staff had lost respect towards him...
Tell him, he might win Mahafiraun hearts... but he had lost all his truly friends...
Tell him , him son...have many years to live... but Murad had blackmailed his future...

2.    Anybody who have his only 'son' address in UK, write also to him,
        (pass us the address)
        express your feeling about his father 'turnover-ed' attitude?
        I guess he would be embarassed himself
We must write to them, so that they feel the pain from their own culprits heart & soul..

Murad's ex staff
Bank Regulation Department
Bank Negara Malaysia