What bloody shit are they trying to do? Getting Murad whom they have charged in court previously and awaiting trial, to confess is sheer nonsense. It is getting obvious that Murad was under pressure to make the confession! Someone told me about this possibility many weeks ago. Apparently, this sinister and filthy  move by Mahathir had leaked out several weeks ago. Of course, I did not believe it but now, my god it is just unbelievable!  This arm twisting, high handed tactic is indeed crazy. Mahathir is going bonkers! Begitulah komen seorang ahli korporat berbangsa Cina.

See, I told you. Last time you refused to believe and now, its really happening. Donít you think what they did was pretty obvious a whole lot of lies and a lot of arm twisting? They arrested Murad first and then charged him in court and later, made him to confess all these allegations against DSAI. What nonsense is this. Do they expect us to believe all these SHIT? Címonlah, even if one tries to plot something, do it well but in this case, it is pretty obvious that Murad must have been arm twisted! Probably, they put a gun at his neck to make such a confession. Gosh, this is very insulting to our intelligent minds! This is getting too much. I think, they have run out of ideas on how to corner DSAI and if they think they can gain mileage through this rather absurd and sickening confession, they are sadly mistaken. Their time is up! Begitulah komen seorang jurutera berbangsa India dengan penuh emosi!

It took them more than one year to cook up this confession! Why didnít they bring this matter up earlier? No finance minister in the world is absolutely clean and they could have easily nabbed DSAI  much earlier if DSAI was really corrupted but it is very obvious they couldínt find any. Instead, they have the bloody cheek to cook up this story! And they expect us to believe this SHIT?  What rubbish is this? Even the sentence against DSAI was on corrupt practices which did not involve a single cent! DSAI was just trying to use whatever power that he had then, to clear up his name and he was jailed for that! Címonlah, donít tell me Mahathir didínt abuse his power in the case of Perwaja involving his good friend, Eric Chia? Until today, Eric Chia is not charged!  Címonlah, donít tell me Mahathir didnít abuse his power by awarding a higher compensation to his good friend, Ting Phek King over the failed Bakun project? That was even worst because a bigger compensation was given to Ting when an independent auditor advised a much smaller sum! In the first place, what sort of expertise does this joker have to construct a hydro electric dam? He is just good at logging and despite plundering all the timber, he was given a hefty compensation!! Begitulah komen seorang lagi ahli korporat berbangsa Cina yang ternyata tidak yakin dengan pembohongan terbaru Mahathir ni!

Apa yang jelas sekarang ialah Mahathir yang dah tersepit dan desperate sedang cuba nak meyakinkan rakyat dengan pembohongan pembohongannya tapi sayang sekali, lagi dibuat, lagi ramai rakyat nampak jelas pembohongannya. Maka ramailah lagi yang dah sedar bahawa apa yang diperjuangkan oleh barisan alternatif, semuanya benar belaka. Ramai lagilah yang berhijrah ke barisan alternatif kerana dah nampak jelas pekung pekung Mahathir dan para konspirators. Kena pula perkara ini terkeluar semasa perbicaraan DSAI yang mendedahkan satu persatu konspirasi nak menjatuhkannya. Lagi meyakinkan! Manusia merancang, Allah swt  menentukan dan membuka mata rakyat jelata!