civil dis obedience!!!!!!!!!!!!


  From time to time governments
            create unjust laws. One
     possible way to get an unjust
          law changed is for lots of
    people to deliberately disobey
   the law in a public way. This is
          called civil disobedience.
      Gandhi, Martin Luther King
   Jr., and many others have used
   civil disobedience to get unjust
                      laws changed.

       "Nonviolent resistance ... is
  based on the conviction that the
          universe is on the side of
         justice. Consequently, the
        believer in nonviolence has
      deep faith in the future. This
   faith is another reason why the
     nonviolent resister can accept
      suffering without retaliation.
           For he knows that in his
         struggle for justice he has
         cosmic companionship." -
                Martin Luther King

   "Disobedience to be civil must
              be sincere, respectful,
    restrained, never defiant, must
               be based upon some
  well-understood principle, must
      not be capricious and, above
        all, must have no ill will or
      hatred behind it.....You must
    not worry whether the desired
   result follows from your action
    or not, so long as your motive
    is pure, your means correct." -
                  Mahatma Gandhi