Pertemuanku dengan Dr Munawwar Anees"

Sebagaimana yang aku telah janjikan buat rakan-rakan semua di FGR, inilah petikan daripada e-mail yang aku terima daripada seorang sahabat di USA yang menceritakan kisahnya dengan Dr. Munawwar Anees. Ada yang boleh disiarkan dan ada yang terpaksa dirahsiakan.

Semuga menjadi iktibar bagi kita semua. Insyallah, kisah selanjutnya mungkin akan disambung lagi selepas ini.


Here, i shall tell you the story when i met dr.Anees in M'sia before the crisis occured.

In the beginning of 1997, my friend from US (whom i told you earlier, i name/address him as Dr.AA--now he owns IT co. in US) visited me and family. His visit was to seek an opportunity to set up a company in M'sia in IT. He heard about MSC and was thinking to open a branch, moreover M'sia had been maintaining good economic progress for many years.

Before going further, he wanted to get some advice thus we went to Dr.Anees' (his relative) place in PJ. That time, our economy was at the peak. I was quite surprised when dr.anees advised him not to proceed his plan in M'sia. He said that this economy not gona last long, the bubble gona break at anytime.

It's hard for me to believe what he said that time since we were enjoying good economy--high salary and good job. To me, it seemed that dr.anees was anti-climax person, when everybody was talking good about M'sian economy, he talked otherwise.

In our conversation, he mentioned that MM has done horrendous mistake by putting up bakun dam, tallest building, Int'l Airport etc, etc. He critisized the govt spending too much money on unuseful projects for their  pride. I still remember he said, LA is very advanced city and everybody in the world knows that but they dont need to have tallest building or biggest dam, etc. Since he was an advisor to Anwar, i said how come he didnt advise Anwar not to proceed on those mega projects - his respon
was Anwar always against all those mega projects but he could not do anything much because MM always override his decision.

Few months after that, as dr.anees predicted, country plunged into an economic turmoil. I would say that dr.anees is very sharp person and always looks far ahead.

Same year, i came to the US and at the end of 1997, dr.Anees came to US for a conference. I met him in US and we were discussing about M'sia. That time, he mentioned about 'surat layang' full with fitnah about anwar which had been circulated among the big shots and in the mosques (i saw that surat layang and still keep with me). He hinted that he was looking forward to come back to US after staying in M'sia for almost 10 years. He didnt say what exactly happened but i could guess that his position and anwar's as well were at stake.

Meantime, i read newspaper (from internet) which spreaded the gossips about the tension between MM and AI but both of them kept on denying that. Back in my heart, i believed what media said and i tried to figure out what dr.anees  hinted in our conversation.

My friend, i am running out of idea to write :) This email is long... I think better i write later soon.